2016 Garden Club


Welcome to the Moody School Garden Club!

Thanks to our fabulous group of enthusiastic gadeners, the first meeting of the Garden Club exceeded all expectations! We used clippers and rakes to clear out last year's growth to make more room for the new growth in our perenial garden and then added the plant material to the compost pile to make new soil to grow more plants. In the "Farm" courtyard, we learned about the Native American's "3 sisters" plants and then planted our own three sisters garden using finished compost to make the soil healthy. We also planted lettuce, carrots and peas from seeds and surrounded our plants with flowers and marigolds to help keep the insects away. Our hard working students can be very proud of themselves!
This program has been brought to you by your Moody School PTA and a grant from the Community Foundation of Middlesex County.

garden_2 garden_3

garden_6 garden_5


Reminder: our next meeting is tomorrow, Monday, 5/23rd from 1:15-3:25.
We will be learning about water conservation by adding mulch to the perenial garden and planting the beans and squash that Mrs. Ferrari's and Mrs. Byrne's students have grown for us from seed. We will also hopefully get to taste some of the salad greens that we planted last time!
Gardening is thirsty work! The students have access to the drinking fountains, but you may want to send them with a water bottle.
Please also make sure that your child is wearing clothes that may get dirt on them. :)
We are looking forward to another fine day of gardening!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Lisa at lisa@everyoneoutside.org or 860-338-1892.