District Dress Code for Students and Staff

Dress Code: All clothes worn by staff should reflect the professional atmosphere in which they work. Staff members are considered role models for the student population and the attire adults wear should reflect their professionalism. Those items categorized as inappropriate for students in the parent student handbook are also inappropriate for staff. DRESS CODE- Please refer to BOE Policy #5132 (page 43). 

The fundamentals of respect and safety govern what students may wear to school. State law requires the students wear shoes in all areas of the building. Attire or grooming that is disruptive to the educational environment will result in disciplinary action. Students should remember that the final decision regarding dress that interrupts the educational process rests with the school administration.

Help for parents and students to make good decisions about what to wear to school...

  1. Shorts and skirts should be appropriate for a school environment. All skirts and shorts need to be "bermuda style" length or longer (as a general rule, skirts and shorts must fall to just above the knee). Students may not wear leggings or tight underneath short skirts or shorts and have the dress be considered appropriate.
  2. Skirts and tops must lie OVER the waistband of pants and skirts and must cover the back, shoulders, midriffs, and cleavage.
  3. Shoulder straps must be at least 2" wide and not reveal any part of an undergarment.
  4. Underclothing should be covered at all times whetherthe student is standing or sitting.
  5. Baggy pants are worn with a belt at the waist to allow safe movement.
  6. Transparent, mesh clothing or clothing with holes is not allowed in school.
  7. Outer jackets (including windbreakers) are not to be worn in school during the day.
  8. Head coverings of any kind including, but not limited to, scarves, bandanas, masks, kerchiefs, headbands, hats, caps or hoods are not acceptable.
  9. Clothing or accessories that symbolize membership in a group which would be construed as disruptive to the educational process or racially offensive is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, any bandana, t-shirts or other articles of clothing depicting gang membership or affliation, or jewelry/accessories that depict gang membership or affliation.
  10. Attire or accessories that depict logos, references of a sexual nature which is considered to be offensive, contain profanity or inappropriate language or gestures, emblems that encourage the use of drugs, tobacco products or alcoholic beverages are not allowed in school. Sunglasses are not to be worn in school.
  11. Footware that mars , damages floors or is a safety or health hazard is not to be worn in school.
  12. Sleepware, slippers, pajamas, flannel pants, pants with writing on the buttocks, are not allowed in school.

Additionally, denim jeans, sweat pants, flip flops, and shorts are considered inappropriate for professional staff in the performance of the normal classroom activities. Exception to this policy is dress down days.