About Moody

About Our School

MoodyVan Buren Moody School is an elementary school located in Middletown Connecticut with an enrollment of 260 students. It is located in a district that is considered a small, urban district one of ten identified urban districts in the State. Moody School has an enrollment that is comprised of 30% minority students. Based on the free and reduced lunch applications submitted to the school by parents, 20% of the student population are eligible to receive free or reduced lunch.

Our school has enjoyed a reputation within the district as one with quality instruction, high expectations, and positive results. Moody School has identified parent involvement as a priority in many initiatives that have been launched. As a result, Moody School enjoys the reputation of having an extremely active Parent Teacher Association.

There are many educationally sound and family-oriented activities conducted each year at Moody School. These include Family Fun Nights and Spirit Days, a Science Fair and Pasta Supper, and a Writing Celebration.

There is a strong sense of community at Van Buren Moody School and the children are the beneficiaries!