MHS Robotics Team: Southern New England Regional Champions & Heading to Worlds

Middletown Public Schools is thrilled to announce that the Blue Dragon Robotics Team 9909 is going to Worlds!

This past weekend, 9909 competed at the Southern New England Regional Championship hosted at Total Mortgage Arena in Bridgeport, Connecticut. While there, the following teams/students earned a variety of titles. 

We are happy to congratulate the following students for their achievements:

Team 9909Y
Tournament Champion, Rank 8 Robot Skills, Worlds Qualification

  • Eric Liesener
  • Ryan Battista
  • Preston Beitzel
  • Conner McCabe
  • Kevin Turri

Team 9909W 
NAVY Robotic Battle "E" Award
NBC Spotlight
Tournament Finalist, Rank 7 Robot Skills, Worlds Qualification

  • Simon Hahn
  • Mia Annono
  • Heidi Mallett
  • Stephen Nackowski
  • Aaryan Nackowski
  • Travis Newman

Team 9909B
Rank 9 Robot Skills, Worlds Qualification

  • Danny Zheng
  • Alex Elak
  • Dru Reed
  • Evan Langdon
  • Jackson Virtue

Team 9909G
Inspire Award

  • Sophia Abanador
  • Sophia Lin
  • Kaylee Brasile
  • Mia-lillian Powell
  • Simona Young
  • Aisha Bettach
  • Enrika Laredo
  • Ariel Young

Below you'll find pictures from the competition: